Keep Your Kitchen Safe From Fire

Sep 16, 2016

Fire can be incredibly dangerous and unpredictable, these tips are designed to help avoid simple sources of fire to make your kitchen and your home a more safe place.  Keep these tips handy:

  • Make sure all kitchen outlets are up to code, any near water must be GFC
  • Keep cooking areas free from towels, hot pads, food wrappers and all other flammable material
  • Keep burning surfaces clear and clean
  • Clean vents and screens on a regular bases per manufacturers description
  • Properly plug in electronics and unplug electronics when not in use
  • Keep matches well out of reach
  • Have a fire extinguisher charged and ready for use
  • Make sure batteries in your smoke detector are working properly

No one wants to experience a loss in the home, especially something as devastating and traumatic as a house fire. Utilize these simple tips and  keep your family safe. If you ever experience a fire, trust the company with over 85 years of experience.

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