No Loss Is The Same

Jul 11, 2018
In the disaster world, we are reminded day in and day out that no one loss is the same.  Each flood, fire, or mold clean up takes the experience and insight of a restoration professional who can quickly determine factors effecting the situation.  By trusting a restoration professional with your water loss, you can rest assured knowing that your cleanup is being handled quickly and carefully.

Water losses are some of the most common disasters to effect a home, whether a burst pipe, flood, or snow destruction – it’s not just the cleanup. The job extends to drying and repairing the substructures that have accumulated moisture you may not be able to see.  Moisture damage can lead to crumbling dry wall and plaster, weakening structural material, rusting metal surfaces and more.  The longer moisture sits, the longer that water can cause damage. Quickly calling in a restoration professional will be able to save you time, belongings and money.

According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification classifies three distinct types of water based on the source and cleanliness of the water.

  • Category 1: This liquid is clean from a sanitary source, such as a faucet, toilet tank, drinking fountain, ect. This type of water starts out clean but can quickly degrade to Category 2.
  • Category 2: This liquid is described as grey water and contains high levels of contaminates that may cause illness or discomfort.  Sources include dishwasher or washing mashing overflows, flush from sink drains, or toilet overflow.
  • Category 3: This is the worst classification and is grossly unsanitary.  This water could cause severe illness or death if ingested.  Category 3 is sometimes called Black Water. The source could be a sewer backup, flood from rivers of streams, toilet overflow with feces or stagnant liquid that supports bacterial growth.

ServiceMaster technicians are trained in IICRC cleaning methods for all types of categories and classes. Using extensive experience and training plus the proper tools we are able to salvage even the more dire situations.

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