Save Yourself The Drama

Aug 26, 2016

Doing laundry is a dramatic task already, now add in 4 inches of water puddling around your basement as your washing machine turns into your worst enemy. No one wants to deal with a water loss. Use these quick tips to avoid the drama.

The Laundry area is a source of constant water flow; from washing a dirty soccer uniform to throwing in a load of towels – hundreds of gallons of water are running through every month. By using these safety tips to check your laundry area often, you can avoid massive amount of water leaking into your home.

  • First, know how to turn off the main water
  • Check hoses to make sure connection and condition are right
  • Turn the washing machine on and check for leaks in hoses and connections
  • After running the washer, check below for any leaks or standing water
  • For front loaded washers, make sure the seal around the door is secure

These simple tips can help avoid a water loss in the laundry room or stop the trouble before too much damage is caused.  Always remember, ServiceMaster is a disaster's worst nightmare.

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